Instructions for Authors


To facilitate the review, authors are strongly encouraged to fulfill the following requirements:

1) A title page containing title of manuscript, authors' information, funding details, bio graphical note (of max. 50 words per author) must be submitted as an individual document (separate from the manuscript).

2) The title of the manuscript must not exceed 15 words.

3) The abstract of each submission must not exceed 200 words.

4) The abstract must be followed by the complete manuscript.

5) A running head must also be provided.

6) The APA 6 th edition guideline must be observed thoroughly throughout the submission.

7) British and American spelling are both accepted. Submitters must choose either one and keep consistent throughout the manuscript.

8) The entire submission must be between 7000 to 9000 words.

9) Limit the use of footnotes.

10) The document containing the abstract and manuscript must be free from any author identification.

11) When using materials in your submission which you do not hold copyright, please ensure that a written consent is obtained by the copyright owner. The proof of consent must also be submitted.

12) It is the responsibility of the authors to first send their work for English editing before submitting to the journal.

13) Authors may not submit the manuscript to two or more journals simultaneously.

14) Manuscripts that have been accepted for publication cannot be submitted to conferences for presentation.

Should you have any queries, please contact us at (